Q: How does GPS Maps work?

A: GPS Maps works by looking up the address or place name you put into it, and loading the map for that region from the internet. It then also resolves the GPS coordinates for that address.


Q: Which models of iPadĀ® does GPS Maps work with?

A: GPS Maps works with all models of iPad running iOS 4.2 or later.


Q: When I search for an address or GPS location, why isn't the result GPS Maps returns exact?

A: Different Apple hardware has differing levels of accuracy in Location Services. For example, early iPads without 3G radios can't get an exact GPS location fix and so use less-accurate cell tower fixes. For a comparison of different Apple hardware capabilities see this article.


Q: Do I need an internet connection for GPS Maps to work?

A: Yes. GPS Maps requires both an internet connection and Location Services in order to work properly.


Q: I'm not getting any GPS coordinates when I search on an address. What gives?

A: You probably either don't have an internet connection, or you need to enable Location Services in the Settings app on your iPad.


Q: Sometimes when I do a search a pin drops on the found location and sometimes not. Why?

A: The MapKit used in GPS Maps uses a lot of memory. When memory is low, there may not be enough for GPS Maps to drop a pin on the found location. This is normal behavior.


Q: How do I read the GPS coordinates?

A: GPS coordinates can be expressed in several different ways, the most common being degrees (or hours), minutes, seconds from GMT. For more information on how to read GPS coordinates, see this article.


Q: Does GPS Maps support Retina Displays?

A: Currently GPS Maps runs on Retina-equipped iPads but does not contain high-resolution assets. We are working on an update.


Q: Does GPS Maps work on iPhones and iPods?

A: No. We are working on an update which will make GPS Maps universal. When the update is available it will run on all iPads and any iPhones/iPods capable of running iOS 5 or later.


Q: What are the main features of GPS Maps?

A: GPS Maps provides the following features:

1. Lookup of any location on a map via either address, place name, or GPS coordiantes.

2. Display of GPS coordiantes for found locations.

3. Display of realtime heading information if Location Services is turned on.

4. Pin drops for located places.

5. Standard, hybrid, and satelitte views of maps.


Q: What new features does Glob Design plan for GPS Maps in the future?

A: We are currently working on a major update. Features planned in the next release include:

1. Universal app for all iPads and iOS 5+ iPhones/iPods.

2. Full Retina support for all supported Retina devices.

3. Ability to save and restore placemarks across app launches.

4. Course and speed info.

5. Many more configuration options for customizing the way GPS Maps behaves.

6. Custom map overlays for terrain and feature information.

7. Simple transit routing requests.

8. Optional iCloud integration for saving placemarks across devices.